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Supporting Success



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January 15 - March 15, 2021





See why you don't want to miss this transformational event...


Supporting Success is pleased to make available a rich educational event to enhance the practice of supporting the success of students with hearing loss in the US and internationally. You will have a full 2 months to view sessions 24/7. Tailor your conference experience to view all 9 informative sessions, or only 3, or 6 sessions of your choice. Each session will have one or more activity or discussion elements to engage participants and enhance implementation of concepts.


View Individually or with Your Group!

View together or from individual locations using your preferred media device. Sessions have been broken into multiple modules to better allow the busy teacher to grab the instruction when time allowed, even if only 20-30 minutes are available. All sessions are captioned.

Discounts for groups! When registration is purchased for a group of 6 or more teachers, there is a significant discount. Per person registration for a group is as low as $152 for all 9 sessions, $117 for 6 sessions, or  only $82 for 3 sessions. And YES, the teachers can choose whichever sessions appeal to them individually.

Great topics by 6 speakers are provided at a price much cheaper than hiring speakers to come to you. This is truly affordable professional development!



Choose to attend the full conference of 9 sessions or you can tailor your conference experience and select 3, or 6 sessions of your choice.

Session 1

(90 min)

Academic Success is Driven by Communication Access


Presenter: Karen L. Anderson

 Ensuring access to classroom communication is the #1 job of every educator who serves students with hearing loss. This session will provide information that participants can refer to as they inform others on the impacts of hearing loss (WHAT), legal foundations supporting equal access (WHY), and methods to estimate access levels (HOW).

Session 2

(90 min)

Loud & Clear:  Building and Supporting Social Skills for Students with Hearing Loss in the Mainstream

Presenter: Melinda Gillinger

It's time to address social skills for children with hearing loss, including the nuances of how language and communication can affect social competence. Learn the research on a variety of relationship issues such as incidental learning, pragmatic language, and self-acceptance, along with how specialists can support the development of social skills in the educational setting.

Session 3

(60 min)

Tailoring Services Via the Communication Modality Continuum     


Presenter:  Karla Geise

Teachers of the deaf may find themselves working with students who use a variety of communication approaches. How does this impact delivery of instruction? This session will focus on how to use different aspects along the communication continuum in different circumstances to creatively support student learning.


Session 4

(75 mins)

Preparing Students for College or Work Success, Not Just High School


Presenter:  Gail Wright

During this session, you will explore skills that students with hearing loss need to have to be successful no matter what their path will be.  When we are working with all ages of students, we are preparing them for life, not just high school.

Session 5

(75 min)

Maximizing the Itinerant Visit: Making the Most of Your Time        


Presenter: Brenda Wellen

Itinerant teachers have a limited amount of time with students and teachers. Using that time wisely in order to benefit the student is priority one. Participants will learn effective ways to plan, prepare, execute and collect data during itinerant sessions with students from early education to high school.

Session 6

(120 mins)

Developing Reading Comprehension for DHH Students with Low English Language


Presenter: Kristin DiPerri

In this session, we will discuss effective, beginning vocabulary and reading instruction. The instructional design presents concepts first using visually comprehensible activities. Students learn to construct meaning independently during specific reading tasks. This information is essential for students who do not have access to phonetic information in English.


Session 7

(90 mins)

Developing Written Language for DHH Students with Low English Language Skills 

Presenter: Kristin DiPerri

This session presents critical instructional activities that at risk DHH students need in order to become independent writers. The activities described take advantage of student’s visual strengths to build independent writing skills using a developmentally appropriate and conceptually based design for instruction. This information is essential for students who do not have full access to phonetic information in English.

Session 8

(60 min)

Conversation Paves the Way to Language Learning and School Success

Presenter: Karla Giese

Engaging in conversation is a critical skill in the classroom. It’s a great way to expose students to vocabulary and encourage language growth. Using the Kendall Conversational Proficiency Level (P‐Levels) Scale can guide you in targeting conversational skills to support academic success for your deaf and hard of hearing students.

Session 9

(90 mins)

Intervention Techniques - Case Studies that Show Practices to Improve Outcomes

Presenter: Gail Wright

This session features student case study descriptions including evaluation results, IEP goals, examples of intervention techniques and the impact of the intervention as observed by data. This session features video clips of sessions by an itinerant teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing and mentions resources used for evaluation and intervention.


Get Involved!   Share Your Thoughts!

Discussion boards will be open throughout the 2 months of the conference. Participants can post comments and questions for interactive participant discussion.

Up to 12 CEUs are Available

 *Sessions are still being edited during Early Bird Registration. It is possible that some session lengths and the total CEU count may vary from what is listed below. Final session length and CEU count will be available when Regular Registration opens*

LSLS CEUs and an ASHA Verification of Attendance sheet will also be available.  CEU credits for CTLE (New York) and RID for educational interpreters have been approved. SHECH (Michigan)*, and ISBE (Illinois) CEUs are currently pending approval.  

Graduate credit* through Minot University is also available.

*Some additional fees may apply

Meet Our Presenters

Karen Anderson,  PhD

is Director of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss which has provided online information and resources since 2011. Karen has been in the DHH field for almost 40 years and has written popular checklists (i.e., SIFTERs, CHILD, ELF, LIFE) and authored free topical newsletters that have been received by more than 13,000 people bimonthly since 2012. Her book accomplishments include Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom, the Student Communication Repair Inventory & Practical Training (SCRIPT), Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream (with Gail Wright), Building Self-Confidence & Resilience to Maximize Acceptance of Hearing Devices, Steps to Assessment, and past editor of the Teacher Tools e-magazine. Reach Karen at [email protected]

Kristin DiPerri,  Ed.D.

is an independent educational consultant and literacy development specialist for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. She has presented throughout the US and abroad to teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing. For over 37 years she has worked as a classroom teacher, a researcher, an instructor in the Deaf Education program at Boston University and as the English Literacy Coordinator at a residential school for the deaf. She consults with several schools/programs in the US and internationally to implement new literacy programming approaches to meet the diverse literacy needs of DHH students. She is the author of several instructional publications: 5 workbooks for students, the Bedrock Literacy Curriculum and co-author with Todd Czubek, Ph.D. of the Bilingual Grammar Curriculum. She is the owner of Bedrock Literacy & Educational Services.

Gail Wright

has been teaching students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing since 1988. She has had experience in the self-contained classroom as well as in an Administrative role.  However, her passion always brings her back to the Itinerant setting.  She loves sharing her passion for the Itinerant Model of teaching through speaking at a variety of conferences.  Her accomplishments include creation of the Monkey Talk Self-Advocacy Game, Hear It, Fix It materials, and as co-author of Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream with Karen Anderson. Gail earned her BSEd. DHH, MEd in Curriculum and Instruction, Type75 Administration degree and Early Intervention certification.  

Karla Geise

has worked with deaf and hard of hearing children of all ages, across all educational settings, and all communication approaches. She has also served as a Curriculum Coordinator and Director of Student Support Services and has provided early intervention support and advocacy to local families. Born hearing, Karla began losing her hearing as an infant and became profoundly deaf as a toddler. Initially focusing on spoken and listening language in the mainstream setting, by late elementary school she began learning sign language.  Karla used an interpreter through secondary school and college. Karla has her Bachelors in Deaf Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education and her Master’s in Early Childhood Special Education. She is currently completing her doctorate in Special Education with a concentration on Deafness.  Karla has served as the Teacher Tools Editor for SSCHL since 2019.

Melinda Gillinger

is an educator with a Master’s degree in Special Education from California State University, Northridge. She is the mother of 3 children. Her oldest is profoundly deaf and uses a cochlear implant. As part of her work serving children with special needs for over 20 years, she has been a classroom teacher and was on the pediatric cochlear implant and research team at the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles. Her work and research for the past 16 years has focused on families and school districts meeting the needs of children with hearing loss in the educational setting. Melinda is a contributing writer for the Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss Bi-Monthly Updates and posts on social media to families of children with hearing loss on behalf of Supporting Success.

Brenda Wellen,  M.S.

is a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in San Angelo, Texas.  She has worked with students who are deaf or hard of hearing of all ages from birth to 21 for the last 30 years both in a self-contained classroom and as an itinerant teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing. Brenda serves on the Statewide Conference on Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing planning committee, and the Imagination Texas Special Weekend for the Deaf planning committee. She is the creator/coordinator of West Texas Deaf Olympics, now in its sixteenth year, for students and families in rural areas. Brenda is the newest member of the SSCHL team, joining as the Vice-President of Product Sales and Website in October 2019.
Reach Brenda at [email protected]

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