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Session 1

Academic Success is Driven by Communication Access

Presenter: Karen L. Anderson

60 minutes

Ensuring access to classroom communication is the #1 job of every educator who serves students with hearing loss. This session will provide information that participants can refer to as they inform others on the impacts of hearing loss (WHAT), legal foundations supporting equal access (WHY), and methods to estimate access levels (HOW).

Session 2

Loud & Clear: Building and Supporting Social Skills for Students with Hearing Loss in the Mainstream

Presenter: Melinda Gillinger

90 minutes

It's time to address social skills for children with hearing loss, including the nuances of how language and communication can affect social competence. Learn the research on a variety of relationship issues such as incidental learning, pragmatic language, and self-acceptance, along with how specialists can support the development of social skills in the educational setting.

Session 3

Tailoring Services Via the Communication Modality Continuum

Presenter:  Karla Geise

60 minutes

Teachers of the deaf may find themselves working with students who use a variety of communication approaches. How does this impact delivery of instruction? This session will focus on how to use different aspects along the communication continuum in different circumstances to creatively support student learning.

Session 4

Preparing Students for College or Work Success, Not Just High School

Presenter:  Gail Wright

60 minutes

During this session, you will explore skills that students with hearing loss need to have to be successful no matter what their path will be.  When we are working with all ages of students, we are preparing them for life, not just high school.

Session 5

Maximizing the Itinerant Visit: Making the Most of Your Time

Presenter: Brenda Wellen

75 minutes

Itinerant teachers have a limited amount of time with students and teachers. Using that time wisely in order to benefit the student is priority one. Participants will learn effective ways to plan, prepare, execute and collect data during itinerant sessions with students from early education to high school.

Session 6

Developing Reading Comprehension for DHH Students with Low English Language

Presenter: Kristin DiPerri

120 minutes

In this session, we will discuss effective, beginning vocabulary and reading instruction. The instructional design presents concepts first using visually comprehensible activities. Students learn to construct meaning independently during specific reading tasks. This information is essential for students who do not have full access to phonetic information in English, especially students who sign.

Session 7

Developing Written Language for DHH Students with Low English Language Skills

Presenter: Kristin DiPerri

90 minutes

This session presents critical instructional activities that at risk DHH students need in order to become independent writers. The activities described take advantage of student’s visual strengths to build independent writing skills using a developmentally appropriate and conceptually based design for instruction. This information is essential for students who do not have full access to phonetic information in English and who use sign language to communicate.


Session 8

Conversation Paves the Way to Language Learning and School Success

Presenter: Karla Giese

60 minutes

Engaging in conversation is a critical skill in the classroom. It’s a great way to expose students to vocabulary and encourage language growth. Using the Kendall Conversational Proficiency Level (Pā€Levels) Scale can guide you in targeting conversational skills to support academic success for your deaf and hard of hearing students.

Session 9

Intervention Techniques - Case Studies that Show Practices to Improve Outcomes

Presenter: Gail Wright

90 minutes

This session features student case study descriptions including evaluation results, IEP goals, examples of intervention techniques and the impact of the intervention as observed by data. This session features video clips of sessions by an itinerant teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing and mentions resources used for evaluation and intervention.



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